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Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth

Weirdo - Cathi Unsworth

Read on September 24, 2013


My lately favourite genres are southern gothic and its variant,stripped from any kind of spirituality or paranormal motifs, country noir.


Weirdo is the great example of the second genre (even if there was some hints of paranormal stuff), only with a much different setting - it's Norfolk, England.


The main character, Sam Ward, reinvestigates a cold case, twenty year old Satanic ritualised murder, supposing miscarriage of justice. The guilty one is Corrine Woodrow, imprisoned for life in the mental institution. As he digs, he sinks deeper in deeper in complicated web of small town's connections.


The writing is good, the split narrative doesn't confuse the reader (it happens a lot), the plot is very interesting. All of this makes Weirdo a real page turner. I've read it in one sitting.

ARC review: Gifts of Honor: Starting from Scratch / Hero's Homecoming Dualogy

Gifts of Honor: Starting from ScratchHero's Homecoming  - Stacy Gail,  Rebecca Crowley

My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher for an honest review.


I have no idea how to rate this book.I'll explain that later.


Sometimes I'm right in the kind of mood that makes me want to read a simple, angsty book and it has to be a quick read. I decided to give Gifts of Honor a try. There were two reason - the motif of damaged military hero coming back home, and southern setting.


The first story in this dualogy is Starting from Scratch by Stacy Gail and the plot follows the struggling of two protaginsts, Lucy Crabtree and Sullivan Jax, with coming to terms that they belong to each others. I will not provide spoilers, the story is simple and even the one detail would spoil the fun. But it's very good story and I've read it with pleasure. If the book of Stacy Gail was the standalone novel, I would give it 3.5 stars rounded up.


The second book is Hero's Homecoming by Rebecca Crowley. The main characters, Chris Walker and Beth Tate need to decide if they wanted be together or not after the breakup. I dare to say that the story surely had some potential, but it just seems shallow compared to the story of Stacy Gail. I would give it 2 stars.


So, that's why I had no idea how to rate it. I just calculated the average.

ARC review: In Retrospect by Ellen Larson

In Retrospect - Ellen Larson

My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher for an honest review.


Well, I had some problems with the worldbuilding. Not that it's all wrong or poorly developed. It's my imagination - I couldn't quite force it to cooperation in that matter. But hey, it's 3324 AD. Way to far..:)


I liked the plot and the main characters, their struggling with making a good choices and coming to terms with the decisions was truly Greek tragedy-style.


It's not an easy read - and that's good.

ARC review: PostApoc by Liz Worth

Postapoc - Liz Worth

My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher for an honest review.




Outside, the dogs have all gone wild. Can you hear them? Can you feel them down there, voices shaking through loose skin?


First thing first-the cover is beautiful. The title is perfect. One word and so many meanings..


But that's not all. The most wonderful thing about this book is the writing. I've never read such beautiful, lyrical prose. I kept coming back to many paragraphs, just to contemplate their poetic brillance.


I won't write about the plot, it's all in the blurb provided by the publisher. And it's not about the plot at all. It's about the music (that's why I loved PostApoc), it's about the postapocaliptic world and its twisted beauty.


Be careful what you wish for.

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Stained (Carpetbaggers, Rebels, & Yankees, #1) - Elizabeth Marx Seven times I went downsix times I walked back.And I don't fear the dark anymore'cause I'm become all that.I will be rocks, I will be water.I will leave this to my daughter:lift your head up in the wind.When you feel yourself grow colderwrap the night around your shouldersand I will be with you even theneven when I cannot see your face anymore.Don't forget the timeI wooed him with red wine.The devil he wore such a fine, fine shirtand it stayed so clean while he dragged me through the dirt.Now, honey, don't trust anyone who looks you in the eyedon't take any kindness, it's a demand in disguise.I have seen such things childon this, and the other side.Words cannot show youthe midnight owl it does not know you.You will see for your sweet selfby and by.And I will be rocks, I will be waterI will leave this to my daughter. This book ought to be read with the Sacred Harp song humming in the background.What I loved the most in Stained is the southern theme, southern wisdom and southern charm. It's South- where the sweet southern belles are crafty and greedy, chivalrous gentlemen are sneaky and perverse, and righteous preachers are manipulative and evil.Elizabeth Marx created the beautiful story about suffering, guilt, redemption and forgiveness.6 stars. Seriously.
Northern Light - E.J.   Russell My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher for an honest review.Just because you don’t believe in something?Doesn’t mean it’s not real.I dicided to write a short review; Northern Star is short itself.The plot is predictable (or I've watched too many episodes of Supernatural...) but not bad. What I really liked was the writing - witty and scintillating and punchy.
The Trigger - L.J. Sellers My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher for an honest review.It was my first book written by L.J.Sellers, so I can't quite compare it with her other works.The Trigger is a fast paced, good written thriller with the female protagonist. The main character, Dallas, is an FBI agent sent to an undercover mission to rural town in California. She suffers from childhood trauma and she is with permanent contact with her shrink due to the abadonment issues. She lies, cheats, acts, flirting is in her DNA, as natural as breathing. She's straighforward and avoids serious relationships.The autor also provides a nice background for the other characters. The plot is good, even if a little predictable.I'm sure that The Trigger will be the very interesting read for long winter evenings for the readers who love good thrillers.
Give Me Reason (Reason #1) - Zoey Derrick What is wrong with all those indie writers? Or with all those indie publishers? I just hate that common and newly founded strategy called be-sure-you-buy-the-next-installment, since we provided you with the cliffhanger of the year.Seriously, wtf?It's all about the money, sing a-long.Well, they just gave me a reason (heck, there's no "a" in this title...) to buy the next book in serie.And now I'm not sure if I like this book or not. I liked it. I didn't like it. But I want to read part two.So, back to the book. I can't say a bad word about the writing, even if the prologue left me pleased - it is written in third person. But the story goes and hey, first person, Viv's point of view reigns... Too bad.The heroine is starved, abused waitress - got your sympathy yet? Then she meets handsome CEO with hint of paranormalcy. Sounds familiar?I bet the answer is yes.It's a good story, true tearjerker.Alas I can't stop myself from adding: If you're abused in any kind of way, please don't wait for your prince charming. Take care of yourself, you won't spot your CEO on the street or he won't spot you. Sadly, there's too few of them.
Snap - Allen Renfro I think my all 5 stars for this book are speaking for themselves.Snap is beautifully written, captivating and heartwrenching work of art. There's no romance and I honestly think I wouldn't like it if there was something lovey-dovey. Highly recommended.Crossposted on blog: http://frausorge.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/snap-by-allen-renfro/
Terrorscape (Horrorscape, #3) - Nenia Campbell The cover is great, just saying. I should give it 4 stars for the cover...I liked the third installment of Horrorscape, but I was really annoyed with Val. Jesus, she deserved to die for her stupidity, seriously, even if it made her the perfect prey for our beloved Gavin.Great trilogy. And I mean it.
Horrorscape (Horrorscape, #2) - Nenia Campbell 2 stars for the first installment, 4 for the second. I really enjoyed the game:)
Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) - Nenia Campbell Why 2 stars only? Well, I'm too old for the young-adult, it's a fact. And now, when I finished the whole serie, I can see it clearly. I liked the next installments better. But hey, the story has to start somewhere...
Angel Baby: A Novel - Richard Lange Eww, I took my time with this book, no idea why. It was supposed to be a quick read.I liked the slapstick style, the present tense narration made the plot dynamic and fast.
Armed and Dangerous (The IMA, #2) - Nenia Campbell Nenia? Come on, my friend, no need to get lazy, just write me some more...Ok, I know there will be more.Well, I liked it even better than the first installment, but I bet I would LOVE the third. I like the way Ch. is progressing, just sayin'.3,5 stars rounded up.